The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Right Dutch Oven For Baking Sourdough Bread

One of the most versatile cooking appliances that everyone needs is the Dutch Oven.

It has many uses like making soups and stews, for slow cooking and braising meats and more, but how about baking bread?

Like making other great recipes, the Dutch Oven is great for baking bread as it provides consistent circulation of steam and moisture to bake bread.

So, if you want to make bakery-quality bread at your home, then there is no alternative to using a Dutch Oven.

But, finding the best dutch oven for baking bread is quite difficult and time-consuming as well.

So, to help you find the best option that meets all your requirements, I am going to review the top 10 best dutch ovens for baking bread including a buying guide that helps you most to choose the perfect one very easily.

The Best Dutch Oven For Baking Sourdough Bread in 2023

01: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven

This is a cast iron dutch oven that you can use as an indispensable cooking appliance for slow cooking, braising, and roasting.

If you’re a professional chef or home cook and looking for a strong and durable dutch oven, then the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron dutch oven can be a great choice.

The larger handles of this dutch oven provide you with a comfortable grip, so you can safely use it for bread making.

Besides, this is designed with enameled cast iron for consistent heat distribution and retention.

If you look at the lids then you can see that the lids are tight-fitting and specially designed for getting moisture back to the foods as well as the lids can circulate steam evenly.

Its larger composite knobs can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This lightest weight enameled dutch oven requires no seasoning and it can be used both as a stovetop and oven.

The Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven comes with a variety of colors and sizes that can meet your demand, so you can select the best one for your kitchen decor.

  1. Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Stainless Steel Knob and Loop Handles

Like the Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven, this is also an enameled cast iron oven that provides superior heat retention and is great for making braise, bread, or sautés.

Its vibrant enamel surface allows it to marinade and refrigerate your foods perfectly.

Its surface is designed with smooth glass that doesn’t react to the ingredients and can braise, broil, bake or roast in the temperature for up to 500°F.

You can use this Lodge Enameled Cast Iron oven for making simmer, Sauté, or frying on any stovetop with its unparalleled heat retention capability and heating to the ingredients evenly.

This is designed with a stainless steel knob and loop handles for your easy use and its dishwasher-safe materials make it more user-friendly.

Overall, the Lodge Enameled Cast Iron is a highly recommended dutch oven for baking bread as well as an excellent cooking appliance for casseroles that can keep everything moist and lovely.

  1. Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven

The AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven is such a beautifully versatile piece of cookware that perfectly fits from refrigerator to stovetop or oven to the table for baking, braising, boiling, or roasting multiple recipes.

This is geared with heavy-duty cast iron that can retain heat well and distribute heat evenly to the foods you cook on a wide variety of heating sources like stovetop, grill, or oven.

The looped handles and matching lid make this dutch oven easier to use.

You can use this medium dutch oven with up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature safely for making bread, soup, frying chicken, and tossing the pasta.

Overall, this couch oven is highly recommended for everyone especially those who want to make sourdough and artisan bread.

Definitely, you will be pleased with the overall performance of the Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven and it has good value for your money as well.

  1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven With Loop Handles

With the versatility and durability, a natural easy-release finish design, and even heat distribution, the  Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven has been great cookware.

In fact, Lodge has been unparalleled for over a century for its great quality products as the major brand of American-built cast iron cookware.

For secure control, this Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven is designed with loop handles. Its lids are designed on the way that can be converted to a 10.25 Inch Skillet

You can use this in the oven, on the grill, on the stove, or even over a campfire but it’s great cookware for induction cooktops.

This Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven has been pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil and you can use it to bake, sauté, sear, roast, braise, broil, grill, or fry superbly.

  1. SULIVES Non-Stick Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven

If you need something that can retain moisture well especially for baking sourdough and pumpernickel bread and you don’t want to pay much for it, then the SULIVES Non-Stick Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven might be the right choice.

Though you may truly experience the weight of the cast iron in this dutch oven, it has a polished and colorful ceramic glaze that looks excellent.

The exterior of this non-stick dutch oven pot is designed with a classic duke blue enameled and the interior part is designed with a matte black enameled to be perfect for browning meat.

Besides, this cookware ensures healthy cooking and you can safely use this for making various recipes without any safety worries.

Because of being made with heavy cast iron construction, this allows superior heat retention and uninterrupted simmering away from the fire that altogether makes this Cast Iron Dutch Oven pot ideal for serving foods from oven to table.

Enjoy the real taste of foods with its energy and time-saving design as well as for its continuous circulation of moisture.

Handling heat up to 500˚F, use this artisan enameled cast iron dutch oven ideally for stewing, simmering, frying, pickling, grilling, braising, and chilled storage of food as well.

  1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Pot with Lid and Dual Loop Handle Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

This is one of the most affordable pre-seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Ovens in the market that can be greatly used for preparing and serving memorable foods.

If you’re a crazy fan of Artisan bread, then I highly recommend the Lodge 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven for the best option in your limited budget.

However, this can be also used perfectly to sauté, sear, braise, simmer, roast, and fry.

As you know that Lodge is renowned for decades of cooking and with more than 120 years of experience, the cast iron of the Lodge has been popular for its high-quality design, long-lasting materials, and cooking versatility.

So, as the best brand, you can use it without any worries about durability and quality at your home on the stove, in the oven, or over the campfire to make bread with its unparalleled heat retention and even heating features.

  1. Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned 5-Quart Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

If this is your first foray into the cast iron oven, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the usability of this Cuisinel Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

You don’t need to waste your time seasoning this dutch oven as it’s pre-seasoned with oil to prevent food from sticking to the surface, so you can start making your favorite dishes right now with the pre-seasoned skillets.

This is designed with 2 in one versatility, so you can use the pan as a 10-inch skillet separately and even you can create a 5-quart double Dutch oven by using the frying pan as a lid.

To ensure lifetime quality cooking, this cast iron skillet, and Dutch oven combo is made from premium quality cast iron that can keep the oil balanced effectively and you don’t need to worry about breaking it or wearing it down

The cleaning and maintenance process of this dutch oven is very simple. Just hand wash the cast iron and dry thoroughly on the stove and season with natural oils but never put it in the dishwasher and don’t air dry as well.

So, overall this is the best dutch oven for baking bread at a medium budget as well as to fry, sear, broil, braise, grill, and sauté anything.

How to Choose the Best Dutch Oven for Baking Bread in 2023?

You may find multiple types and brands of the best dutch ovens for bread in 2022, but selecting the right one for baking bread may take a lot of time and effort as well.

So, here I am compiling some important factors that you should consider before buying the best dutch oven for making bread in 2022.


The best dutch ovens are mainly made with three major materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, or enameled cast iron.

  • Carbon Steel: Among the three materials, the dutch oven made with Carbon Steel is highly durable and hardly gets damaged. But the Dutch ovens made with Carbon Steel require regular polishing to acquire the best output. But this is the best choice for one loaf baking if you can get a dumbbell-shaped dutch oven.
  • Enameled cast iron: This type of material is the best for cooking at high temperatures and it provides durability as well. But The Dutch oven made with enameled cast iron material may have sharp edges that can injure anyone if it’s handled carelessly.
  • Stainless steel: This type of material is user-friendly and rust proof but can’t hold heat for a sufficient period of time properly. For the round-shaped dutch ovens, this material is mostly used because the lids of stainless steel can fit perfectly with them.

However, among the three materials, you should always choose such a dutch oven that is made with enameled cast iron or carbon steel as these two materials are best for bread baking purposes.

Additional Features

Before buying a dutch oven for bread baking, you should also consider whether the dutch oven comes with some additional features such as strong grip handles, tight lid clamping, heat retention, and evenly heat distribution capability, etc.

Shape and size

There are various shapes and sizes of dutch ovens in the market and among them, the dumbbell-shaped dutch ovens are best for baking any type of bread like ciabatta, sourdough, baguette, etc.

Besides, you should prefer the larger size dutch ovens in order to bake different types of bread,


Safety is an important factor especially for cooking appliances and you must ensure whether your preferred models of dutch oven come with safety features like heat-resistant handles, a well-fitted lid, and excellent fitting parts as well. To check this you have to read many verified amazon reviews.

Ease of use

Be sure about the dutch oven for bread baking whether it’s easy to use and maintain as well as easy to clean up also. Some models of the dutch oven can be quite tough to clean after making bread, so you should consider the cleaning and maintenance process of the dutch oven you want to buy.

Adjustable Handles

The adjustable handles of the dutch oven allow you to carry it easily from one place to another. So, you should also look for the dutch ovens that are designed with adjustable handles.


You can use a dutch oven as a conventional oven but additionally, if you want to bake bread then a dutch oven is an essential cooking appliance that has been used with great results to bake bread for centuries.

The heavy lid of a dutch oven holds steam that gives a delectable crispy crust to your bread, so to get an artisan-style loaf, a dutch oven has no alternative.

But before buying dutch ovens for baking bread, you must ensure that your ovens for bread baking meet all the criteria for making crusty bread.

That’s why I have reviewed here the top 7 Best dutch ovens for baking bread that can definitely meet all the criteria to make homemade bread.

So, if this is your first foray into french ovens or dutch ovens then, you may choose any of our reviewed dutch ovens without any worries to bake crusty loaves of bread.

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