The Best Handheld Electric Can Opener Review 2021

Life can be so much easier using an electric handheld can opener!! In this modern time, none has time to open canned goods manually when cooking. Besides, it’s very hassle and quite dangerous to open cans. So, to save your valuable time and cut down the risk of you cutting yourself on opening cans, we are reviewing here the top 5 best handheld electric can openers.

Actually, a can opener is one of the best small kitchen appliances which is essential to have in the kitchen. Because without a can opener, it’s quite difficult to open canned goods as well as hazardous too.

Besides, if you suffer from limited hand movement or arthritis, or any other difficulties with your hands, then none will feel so much hassle like you to open canned goods.

So, to keep aloof from these hazardous things, you should use electric can openers. Unlike manual can openers, the electric handheld can openers are user friendly and you don’t need a lot of effort to open cans. Most often, using an electric can opener, you can open cans with the touch of a button. So, your kitchen life will be a little easier and comfortable now.

But finding the best electric handheld can openers in the market may be difficult. So, to solve this issue, after long research, we have picked up the top 5 best electric can openers in the market. Hopefully, these multifunctional electric openers will help you to make your quick meal preparation and make your kitchen life very comfortable.


What’s the best can opener on the market?

High budget: Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener

Medium Budget: Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

Low Budget: Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Electric Automatic Can Opener

Very Handy and Best Seller: Automatic Hands Free Multifunctional Electric Can Opener

Best for all Cans: Safety Can Express One-Touch Operation – Effortless Electric Can Opener


Here Are the Top 5 Best Handheld Electric Can Opener Review 2020

Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener


Material: Plastic, Aluminum

Blade material: Stainless Steel

Brand: Cuisinart

Color: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 5.51 x 5.63 x 10.79 inches

Weight: 4.12 pounds


The Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener comes with the precise power cut blade that helps to cut off through cans with very little effort.

It’s a very excellent can opener because the power cut blade is totally removable and very easy to clean up.

This stainless steel electric can opener is designed with a magnetic lid holder that helps to hold cans in place.

With a one-touch operation, you can easily cut any standard size cans.

battery operated

This battery-operated electric can opener has an elegant design stainless steel finish and it automatically completes its cutting process.

After completing its cutting, it will be stopped automatically, and removing the magnetic lid you can put the can down.



  • An extra-large, the bottom part heavy base doesn’t allow sliding or tipping
  • The press-and-release lever helps to open cans without effort
  • Comes with a 3-year Warranty
  • Being attached to the removable arm, the handy magnetic lid holder, and the precision Power Cut blade, it’s very easy to clean up.
  • Perfect for any standard size cans
  • One-touch handling
  • BPA Free stainless steel construction


  • A bit lightweight to support the can
  • Sometimes it drops the can


Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener


Material: Plastic, Metal

Blade material: Stainless Steel

Brand: Hamilton Beach

Color: Black and Chrome

Size: Extra Tall

Weight: 3.1 pounds


If you want to get an expensive quality electric can opener then the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener is the best option for you.

It has an easy pushdown lever that helps to open both types of pop-top and regular cans excellently.

This sturdy design handheld device is designed with smooth, touchable lids. That’s why the power cut blades cut cans along the sides easily.

Besides, the smooth touchable lids of this electric can opener prevent the cans from sleeping out or splashing and helps not to contact the blades with food.

As long as you don’t open the lid the cans will remain closed. As a result, you can open all sharp edges cans easily without hassle.

This stylish design freestanding electric can opener is very easy to operate and you need to hold the easy-touch opening lever down as long as the blade doesn’t complete a full rotation through the can. You don’t need to oil the motor of this can opener because it’s permanently lubricated.


  • Permanently lubricated motor, so it requires no oiling
  • Provides a 1-year Warranty
  • Destroys sharp lid edges
  • Can open regular cans as well as Pop-Top cans
  • Excellent design and looks great in the kitchen
  • Smooth touch operation
  • High-quality material
  • Really it works like a charm
  • Strong and long-lasting as well



  • Quite heavy
  • Doesn’t allow an automatic shutoff
  • The power cord is retractive

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Electric Automatic Can Opener

Material: Aluminum, Plastic

Blade material: Metal

Brand: Hamilton Beach

Color: Black

Size: Cord Storage

Weight: 2.41 pounds


The Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Can Opener is designed with a removable, dishwasher-safe cutting unit. So, it’s very easy to use and clean up as well.

Besides, it’s built-in extra-tall design that helps you effortlessly open a variety of tall design can sizes.

This hands-free operation handheld electric can opener has sure cut patented technology that affirms cans open the first time.

The auto-shutoff feature of this heavy-duty can opener offers the opportunity for effortless and hands-free operation to open any type of canned goods.

Besides, this multifunctional electric can opener has also a built-in knife sharpener option and has cord storage to save the counter space.



  • Removable, dishwasher-safe cutting unit
  • SureCut patented technology for the first time opening
  • Extra-tall structure
  • Has knife sharpener & cord storage
  • Produces low noise
  • User friendly for all
  • Being removable and dishwasher safe, the unit is quite easy to clean
  • Allows automatic shut off feature
  • Hands-free operation
  • S number 1 Brand can opener
  • The magnet is very strong
  • Lightweight and very simple to use



  • The knife sharpener is not good
  • Creates sharp edges


Automatic Hands-Free Multifunctional Electric Can Opener


Material: Plastic

Powered By: 2 aa batteries


Color: White

Size: Medium

Weight: 6.3 ounces

The Automatic Hands-Free Multifunctional Electric Can Opener can be the best pick for chefs, people with hands problems, arthritis, and housewife.

This best amazon buys handheld electric can opener is designed with superior quality ABS material as well as stainless steel cutting knives.

That’s why this integrated bottle opener will provide you with a hard cutting experience. Being made with corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, and safe material, this elegant design can opener is safe and healthy in contact with food.

Operation is very easy and you just need to keep the can between the blade and the metal gear. The metal gear cuts the can’s edge moving itself to a full 360° round.

No hassle, no effort, and no sharp edges to open any can as this handheld electric can opener has a push button and once you press it then it will automatically open the can.

There is a magnet on this handheld electric opener to help you pick up the lid.

It runs on removable batteries and after you set in 2 aa batteries it will begin to work.

Overall, this 2aa batteries electric can opener provides you hands-free, fast, safe, and hygienic can opening.



  • A great priced can opener
  • Has a sharp blade that’s securely placed in the device to avoid unanticipated cuts of fingers
  • Can open the tin lid cans using the latest technology
  • One start-stop button for easy operation
  • A built-in magnet that helps to pick up the lid and stay exactly
  • Runs on 2 aa batteries
  • The small smooth body gives you a friendly control
  • Easily portable
  • Can be a lovely gift for someone


  • Too small


Safety Can Express One-Touch Operation – Effortless Electric Can Opener



Material: Plastic

Brand: BulbHead

Color: Black

Size: 9 Inch

Weight: 2.92 pounds


If you want to get a smooth edge can opener that can leave sharp edges and saves you from injury, then the One-Touch Operation – Effortless Electric Can Opener is the best option for you.

As long as you don’t remove the lid this handheld electric can opener can keep the lid in place. So, this jar opener can cut the lid avoiding spillage and messes as well.

This Original Safety Can Express Electric Can Opener is dissimilar from other can openers because it opens the can or lid using a steel roller guided by powerful gears. So, you can reuse the lid for various purposes like wet pet food or opened canned dinners, and more.

It’s extremely easy to use with the one-touch easy push lever and you really require very little effort.

In fact, this is a great amazon buy handheld electric can opener for those who live through gripping issues, arthritis, or movement disorders in their hands!

You may use it assuredly as the best handheld electric can opener.



  • No risk of cutting yourself because this is a smooth can opener
  • The lid of the cans will never fall inside or make a hassle because this can opener has a powerful magnet that locks the lid and let it stay in place
  • It’s dissimilar from other electric can openers in the market because it opens the can without cutting into your can or lid
  • Uses a steel roller driven for opening the cans so, lids can be reused
  • Excellent for opening pop-top cans, dented cans, big heavy cans, and odd-shaped cans as well
  • One press button for effortless operation
  • Risk-free for kids to use
  • Lasting and uncomplicated to clean after use



  • Not automatically performs


What to Look for in an Electric Can Opener ( Buying Guide)

When you decide to buy a handheld electric can opener, you have to look for some considerations before buying. Then, the can openers you will buy hopefully satisfy your demands.

So, here are the considerations that you must have to check:


  • Ability to open a can: It’s the main thing you need to check. Because there are many can openers in the market that can’t do this.
  • Easy setup and operation: You must have to look for those can openers that come with no complicated steps to set up and operate.
  • Durability: It’s an important fact that you need to check whether your can opener is designed with durable and sturdy material. If your can opener is spoiled a few months later, then your total investment will go to the water. So, durable material is an important matter.
  • Power Source: The power source is an important factor that you need to look for. If you want to use your handheld electric can opener at home, then you should look for a plug-in power source electric can opener. On the other hand, if you want to take your can opener to the picnics, or camping, or other places then you should look for the battery-powered can opener. Battery-powered can openers are easily portable and run on removable batteries.
  • Size: You know that convenience is the main factor. So, according to your demands, you need to consider the sizes. If you need to open larger cans often, then you have to look for large size electric can openers. You also should consider the ability to handle weight and size as well.
  • Storage Limitations: Many kitchens do not have enough space to set up big appliances. So, for storage limitation, you need to find small size can openers that will take a small space in your kitchen.
  • Side-cut or traditional: It’s wise to choose side cut can openers than the traditional can openers. Because, traditional can openers cut on the lid inside of the rim while side-cut can openers cut underneath the rim on the can leaving a smooth, safe edge. So, you can reuse the lid next time.
  • Safety Features: It’s one of the most important things you must need to check whether your kitchen appliances have safety features or not. Best Handheld Electric Can Openers come with a locking mechanism feature that helps keep the can securely in place so that you may be safe from getting injured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can electric can openers rust?

Rust can cause little problems with the electric can openers because many of the modern can openers have fewer metal components and most can openers come with rust-resistant metal. However, electric can openers can rust and you should keep them neat and clean after using them to keep safe from rust.

Can electric can openers cut you?

Yes, of course, you may be injured with electric can openers. But, our best handheld electric can openers are hands-free and designed with safety mechanisms. So, there is little chance to be injured if you use our selected can openers. Anyway, you should use it carefully.

Is it worth buying battery operated can openers?

Not at all! The electric can openers that are powered by removable batteries are smaller, easily portable, and compact. Battery operated can openers are handy but you need to have a spare set of batteries with you in case the battery runs out.


If you want to lessen your kitchen with only the essential small kitchen appliances then, undoubtedly the can openers will take possession of its space.

Sometimes in the kitchen, it creates inconvenience to open cans for quick meal preparation. Even Opening a can causes accidents also and you may be injured.

Therefore, now you clearly understand that to save you from injury and save your valuable time, a handheld electric can opener is an essential kitchen appliance in your kitchen room.

So, after quite a research we have reviewed here the top 5 best handheld electric can openers and hopefully, they will satisfy your demand and provide the best output overall. Thank you.

We hope that our list of the best electric hand-held can openers helps you in throwing away your manual, traditional one for a multifunctional, aesthetic choice. From single-touch automatic can openers to hand-held ones that produce resealable lids by cutting around the sides of the can – they are life-and-time savers, indeed!

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